Competition Details


1. Five categories, one for each species of chilli.

2. Anyone can enter provided the chilli/chilli crop was grown in the UK.

3. Minimum sample size is one chilli pod, which must be submitted whole, with stalk intact and fruit completely undamaged. However, the more pods there are in a sample the more trustworthy is the result. Where two entries have very similar heat levels, the sample with the larger number of pods will be awarded the higher rating.

4. All entries will be listed on the website, in order of heat level.

5. All applications for inclusion on website MUST provide the following information:

i) Species and variety name of the chilli tested (variety must be commercially available from a Defra registered seed company – if you are not sure ask the seed company). The species name should be given on the seed pack.

ii) Growing environment, e.g.

- tunnel / greenhouse / conservatory / house windowsill
- ground / pot (what sized pot?)
- root medium (soil / multipurpose compost / hydroponic)

iii) Harvest date and stage of ripeness of chilli/chillies.

iv) Number of chillies in sample tested. (The certificate sent from the lab will include the dry weight of the sample; if there is a discrepancy in the sample size the entry will be disqualified).

v) Number of plants the chilli/chillies were picked from.

6. Applicants must agree to have the laboratory send a copy of the test certificate to the administrators.

7. Applicants can send one picture of their chilli plant or chilli crop.


How to get your chillies tested:

All heat level tests should be conducted at the School of Life Sciences, at the University of Warwick (address below). Each test will cost £24.14 + VAT.

Before sending the sample an email should be sent to Andrew Jukes to let him know you are sending a chilli sample for HLPC testing. The email address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The email – and the note included with the chillies – must state that you will be submitting the results to Britain's Hottest Chilli competition. This will mean that a copy of the certificate will be sent directly to the administrators for verification.

The chilli/chillies must be freshly picked and completely undamaged. Post them to:

Andrew Jukes
School of Life Sciences
Wellesbourne Campus
The University of Warwick
CV35 9EF


What to do next

When you have your results don't worry if the heat level is not record breaking, every entry will be listed on the website, and it is all a bit of fun! Send the growing details (listed in rule 5, see above), and a photo if you have one, to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it